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5 Reasons Why Aussie Hand Pies Are Perfect for Parties

Let’s face it – whether you’re throwing a party for a special occasion or have just invited some friends over, you need to make sure that you’re providing them a meal that sticks to their ribs. 

While many food items taste divine, you can never go wrong with Aussie hand pies at your parties!

This popular Australian national food has all you need to spice up your parties and get-togethers – Flaky golden pastry encrusting mouthwatering, succulent meat fillings seasoned to perfection…


Aussie Hand Pies are unique and are packed with authentic Australian flavors. So if you’re looking for a food item that is easy to carry and serve at parties and yet tastes delicious, you can never go wrong with the Aussie hand pies!

Here are the top 5 reasons why Aussie hand pies can be the perfect meal of choice for your next party: 

They are Palm Sized

And they fit perfectly in your hand! 

That’s right. Serving meals at parties can be a hot mess. You don’t want to run around looking for an endless pile of dishes to serve food. But, with their palm-sized pastries, serving and carrying around Aussie hand pies becomes effortlessly easy. And every guest can have one for themselves.

How cool is that?

With traditional fruit pies and other party meals, you need to cut up each slice which can be a pain (yes, we all hate it!). But, these hand-sized treats are perfect for guests as they can help themselves with as many pies they want without leaving you in a mess. Just serve the pies and enjoy your time with your guests – no organization, ongoing cleaning, and decluttering needed! 

You Can Choose What to Put In

The traditional Australian meat pie uses ground beef or steak fillings, making it a hearty, filling meal that’s easy to serve and munch on. However, you can choose your stuffing of choice to customize these Aussie hand pies as per your taste buds. 

Are you a chicken lover? Or are you a lamb person? Don’t fancy meat and prefer veggies instead? Choose the vegetables that you like or add some potatoes to the mix! 

You can be your own boss and change up the meat options to provide a few choices to those who come to your party. Some recipes make it easy to add fruit to the mixture and let you sneak in a healthier dessert at the party compared to cake and cookies. While these may not be the traditional Australian hand pies, they can still fit the bill, and that’s what you want, right?

Easy to Pass Around

While the British meat pie is famous throughout the world, it is the size of a fruit pie, which makes it bulky and heavy to work with for a party. 

With an Aussie hand meat pie, you can pass it around the plate and share as much of it as you like with the guests – all without dealing with the mess that comes along when serving British meat pies.

Everyone Loves Pies

That’s right – everyone loves hand pies!

One of the hardest things about planning a party is finding food that everyone loves. You’ve to cater to a lot of different taste buds coming to your event. So unless you want to spend all day cooking in the kitchen to everyone’s liking, you need to find something that’s loved by all.

And let us warn you – Aussie hand pies can be super addictive. So make sure you order more than you think will be enough. No matter what palates are coming to your big event, everyone enjoys parties that serve hand pies. No questions asked!

You Can Buy Them Online

Some party hosts know how to manage food within time and get the party put together in no time. Everything is homemade and ready to go, down to the decorations and the food. They even make a bunch of extra meat pies, so you’ll still have enough to send home with your guests as a token of love.

While this sounds like a great deal, many people find that they do not have the time or patience to get it all done. If you work, have kids, and juggle with other responsibilities, getting all the meat pies done independently can be a daunting task. You might give up or pass out, mainly if you aren’t used to managing and planning parties alone.

This is where pre-made hand pies come in!

With a bit of heating up, they will be ready for your next party, and you’ll spend more time enjoying with your guests and less time worrying about food. 

There are many places to purchase Australian meat pies online that taste exactly like home, so don’t fret about how they’ll taste. 

Where to Find Aussie Hand Pies?

When you are ready to bring Aussie hand pies to your party, you need to know where to find them. These pies are popular throughout the country. You can find them at an Australian food truck or even find Aussie meat pies online

Just plan way ahead of time, and you’ll get the best of these hand pies at your doorstep so you can have fun celebrating with family and friends.

Australian hand pies are one of the best meal options to serve at your next party. They are simple to use, fit in the palm of your hand, and will be a big crowd-pleaser for everyone at the party. 

Whether you make some of your own or find some online, Aussie hand pies will turn to be a huge hit, with everyone asking for more – so make sure you order more!

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