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7 Unique Food Trucks in the US By Region

Unique Food Truck

Food trucks aren’t a new food business, but they have become more mainstream in recent years. They offer mobile service with flexibility and delicious food options. Food trucks allow their owners to create customized menus based on their cooking style and culture. 

Food trucks are in every state of the United States and offer cuisine options from all over the world. Below we will help you discover 7 unique food trucks in the US by region.

Mid-Atlantic Region

G’Day Gourmet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

G’Day Gourmet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a favorite amongst the local community. They serve authentic Australian food in the USA. They specialize in serving Australian meat pies. Australian meat pies are a popular Australian food that is small and delicious. Each pie is about the size of your hand and can be eaten on the go. 

These pies pack a punch of flavor and come in a variety of ways. You can choose between beef, bacon, and cheddar if you want something robust or chicken and leek if you have a craving for something creamy. Try the spinach and feta if you are a vegetarian, or if you want something completely different, have one of the Australian sausage rolls. These sausage rolls are seasoned with garlic and onion and stuffed with a pork sausage that will make your mouth water. 

Western Region 

Mustache Pretzels in Scottsdale, Arizona

Mustache Pretzels in Scottsdale, Arizona is a popular spot to get soft pretzels with a twist. They launched their mobile location in March of 2014 by 2016 already had two food trucks. Their pretzels are made in the shape of, you guessed it, mustaches! These mustache pretzels are made from scratch and hand-rolled to perfection. They use Non-GMO flour and offer a vegan option upon request. 

Mustache pretzels have both sweet and savory pretzel flavors, including cinnamon sugar or garlic parmesan. They also offer dips such as Nutella and queso. 

North-West Region

Piroshki Palace in Montana

Piroshki Palace in Montana is as unique as they come with it having to do with food trucks. This mobile restaurant serves Russian-inspired cuisine, inspired by the owner’s roots in Siberia. They offer a dish called piroshki.

A piroshki is a type of hand-sized meat pie. All of their pies are made from scratch and they offer over 20 different types of fillings. These hand-sized treats can be sweet, savory, or a combination of both. They offer cheese and potato, Philly cheeseburger, and blueberry jalapeño & cream cheese piroshkis. 

South-West Region

Kebabalicious in Austin, Texas

Kebabalicious in Austin, Texas is a delightful blend of Turkish-inspired food. They have a rather large menu for a food truck that offers everything from kebabs, hummus, falafel, and even baklava for dessert. You choose your level of spice and are able to add on extras to make your dish a complete meal, don’t forget the drink! 

Kababalicious was started by two friends who stumbled across the delicious Turkish-style food after a snowboarding trip in Switzerland. They knew soon after arrival that they wanted to go into business and share this with the world.  

‘Until Further notice, Kebabalicious will only be offering pick-up and delivery options due to the pandemic. But once the world is safe enough for group events, they will be back to business as usual. 

Mid-West Region

Cazuelas Grill in Columbus, Ohio

Cazuelas Mexican Cantina in Columbus, Ohio is truly one of a kind. Their flavor combinations are mouthwatering and delicious. They can be found at most big events in the city, and even have a brick and mortar location if you don’t feel like tracking them down. 

Cazuelas Mexican Cantina offers Mexican style cuisine with plenty of options such as chimichangas, fajitas, nachos, and burritos. They have a variety of vegetarian options and even have a full salsa menu! 

This is a must-try on a list of places to eat when visiting Columbus. 

South-East Region

Peru Power Food Truck in Orlando, Florida

Peru Power Food Truck in Orlando, Florida is a true food truck gem. They have a variety of Peruvian meals that are sure to hit the mark every time. With options such as fried pork belly sandwiches, fresh ceviche, tacos de jalea ( soft tacos filled with calamari, fresh fish, and fried yuca) you will find an option for everyone in your family. 

The Peru Power Food Truck can proudly claim to have a nearly perfect rating on Yelp and Facebook. It is owned by a wife and husband duo who proudly serve their community with the flavors of Peru each day.

North-East Region

PB&ME in Portland, Maine

PB&ME in Portland, Maine is a hit with adults and children. Who doesn’t love a well thought out Peanut butter and jelly sandwich? At PB&ME you can get a specialized version of your childhood favorite with marshmallow fluff, or even a savory type with peanut butter and bacon.. yes, we said it.. bacon! 

If peanut butter isn’t your thing, they also serve a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches and subs. Each comes with your choice of cheese and is grilled to order. 

Why Choose A Food Truck

Choosing a unique food truck can open your eyes to a variety of foods that you would not ordinarily eat. Food truck owners often create recipes that have been passed down for generations, from cultures outside of the United States. They often have a blend of bold flavors for a tasty meal. 

Choosing to eat at a food truck is one of the best ways to help support local businesses. Everyone can eat at chain restaurants and mass-produced locations. But eating at a local food truck is a great way to help out your community. Trying meals at new food trucks will introduce you to new flavors and cultures. In these establishments, you will meet a variety of people from around the world who want to spread their love of food to their communities.

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