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10 Reasons Why G’Day Gourmet is the Best Australian Food Shop in America

Australian Food Shop

When it comes to food, Americans love having a variety of options to choose between. We look to various cultures to embrace the foods that they have created. We love trying new things and exploring our options. When we have the ability to eat Authentic Australian food, it is a special treat, as many Americans have never traveled to the land down under. 

G’Day Gourmet is the epitome of perfect Australian food. They serve Australian meat pies and sausage rolls. If you want to know why G’Day Gourmet is the best Australian food shop in America, continue reading below as we name the ten reasons why they are a clear winner. 

They Serve Authentic Australian Cuisine

Michael Peacock is a chef and an Australian native who knows Australian food very well. Mike grew up eating at local eateries that served the dishes that he now loves to make and serve to his customers. His parents were also part of his food journey, helping teach and mold his recipes that came from generations of family members before them. Their love and support for Mike are what made him the chef he is today. His bond with his family helped create a business that is as authentic as they come.

They Offer Multiple Unique Flavors

To be considered a top contender in the restaurant business you must serve dishes that can appeal to all of your customers. Mike has done just that with his variety of Australian meat pies. He understands that using complementary flavors is what makes a dish stand out. For example, his use of stout in their steak and stout meat pie stands out as a one-of-a-kind delicacy. 

G’Day Gourmet also offers a chicken and leek meat pie that has a creamy filling that can’t be beaten. Their lamb and Rosemary meat pie is a wonderful option for those who don’t eat chicken or beef and they even have a spinach and feta hand pie for vegetarians. The addition of options for multiple types of eaters helps them to hold their rank as a top place to eat Australian food.

If you want to complete the Australian experience, G’Day Gourmet has an option to add mashed potatoes, mushy peas, and gravy to eat it the same way as the Aussies do!

Served Fresh From Their Mobile Location

Food trucks are a great alternative to sit and eat restaurant locations. We live in a busy world where everyone always has something to do. Americans are on the go people who love something that they can grab and eat while on the move. Since G’Day Gourmet is a food truck that specializes in hand pies, you simply order your meal and go about your day. What is even better about their meat pies, is that they are able to be eaten with no plate or utensils. You can easily grab the pie with one hand and use the other hand to wave at Mike while you walk away!

Delivery Options Available 

If you can’t make it to their mobile location, no worries! You can order their meat pies online and have them shipped directly to your house. They come prepackaged and frozen, all you have to do is reheat them in your oven. This option is great for people who live out of state and want to try their pies. It’s also a great option for those who want an easy dinner after a long day. What other food truck do you know who offers this service? I bet this answer is limited. 

They Offer Catering Services

Do you have a wedding coming up? Maybe a corporate party or birthday to celebrate? If you do, why not take advantage of G’Day Gourmets catering services! They will come to your venue and serve your guests with their delicious Australian meat pies! Impress your guests with a unique treat that they will want to order again and again. 

4.9 Out Of 5 Star Rating

It is great to see an almost perfect rating for G’Day Gourmet, 4.9 out of 5 stars! Getting a near-perfect rating is hard to do. Positive ratings help grow your business and gain new customers. With a rating that good, they must be the best Australian food shop in America. 

Limited Competition

G’Day Gourmet is a unique food truck. The food options that they serve are not widely common throughout the United States. Since Australian meat pies can’t be found everywhere, it makes them a very special treat. Their uniqueness creates a need for their product, who wouldn’t want to try something new. 

They Offer Great Prices

When you eat at a place with the word gourmet in its name, you expect to pay gourmet prices. G’Day Gourmet serves all of its food at fair and reasonable prices that almost everyone can afford. Their price proudly reflects the quality ingredients used in each meat pie.

They Have Quick Service

G’Day Gourmet prides itself on quick and reliable service. Their meat pies are served piping hot shortly after you place your order. No need to wait extended amounts of time for your meal! Place your order, have a drink of their ginger beer, and before you know it they are calling your name for you to receive your order,

They Provide A Great Atmosphere 

G’Day Gourmet chooses locations that it knows its customers will love and appreciate. The city of Philadelphia is large and has many wonderful locations that the G’Day Gourmet food truck enjoys. Since the location changes it is a great way to explore the city while eating your favorite Australian meat pies.

Why Choose G’Day Gourmet?

G’Day Gourmet is a top-notch food truck and online Australian food shop. Their service is great, and their food is even better. With a variety of options when it comes to flavors, they truly are a wonderful establishment.

Be sure to place your order today for your favorite Australian food!

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