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G’day Gourmet On The Wolf Pac!

G'day Gourmet On The Wolf Pac

Take a sneak peek at the new TV show, WolfPAC®, which airs January 12th on Amazon Prime Video! G’Day Gourmet, is featured in the first episode of four and it’s a nail-biter! Fellow Philly restauranteur, Tony Luke Jr appears as an advisor in this episode filmed on location in Philadelphia. WolfPAC®, is a new, exciting multi-media vehicle to help growing companies get a financial jump start from a team of savvy advisors! WolfPAC® members include: Leonard Lodish, Judy Chang Cody, Leslie Gudel, Courtney Lawless, Seth Joyner, and Kent Griswold.

Watch the WolfPAC® Trailer

To watch on Amazon Prime Video, be sure to search “Wolf Pac” on Amazon Prime and include quotations with your search.

As seen on Philadelphia PHL17.

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