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9 Popular Australian Snacks You Should Know About

Do you want to treat your taste buds with flavors from the Land Down Under? Try Australian snacks!

From desserts to savories, there’s a massive range of Australian snacks you can indulge yourself in. 

Below we’ve compiled 9 popular Australian food snacks you should never miss. You might’ve tasted a few before, but here’s our take on the best Aussie snacks you can snack on – both as a snack and as a meal. 

So without further delay, let’s get straight into it! 

Aussie Meat Pies

This is a snack that literally screams Australia! 

That’s right. Aussie meat pies are a great addition to add to any list of popular Australian snacks. Made out of chunky beef, plenty of vegetables, creamy potatoes, and a nice gravy under a flaky crust, Aussie meat pies are always a hit. A single serving of Aussie meat pies is enough to enjoy as a snack, but you can have more as a complete meal too! You can find Aussie meat pies online or at stores.

Iced Vovo

You’ve had biscuits before, but have you ever tried Iced Vovo? One bite of Iced Vovo gets your mouth drooling from the get-go! That’s right. Topped with creamy raspberry jam and sprinkled with coconut, Iced Vovo makes a great snack to munch on any time and all the time! 


We’ve all been Cheetos fans at some point in our lives. But, Aussies have their own, unique version of those – Cheezels. Made with corn and rice, these crispy puffy rings are a treat for all you cheese lovers out there! Yap, these little rings of cheese-licious goodness taste sublime and melt in your mouth like a dream. Just be cautious in nibbling those – a pack or even two will disappear within no time, and you’ll still end up craving for more!


Next up on our list is yet another corn-based snack – Twisties. The original Twisties were a big hit and are a simple cheese snack that can be great with a meal or as a past-time munch. However, it’s the chicken twisties that changed the game and took it to a whole new level. It didn’t take Australians long to dive right in and give it a try. Both flavors are among the best Aussie snacks out there no one should miss out!


Minties can be really difficult to chew on. Legend says many have lost a tooth trying to get through a sticky and stubborn Mintie, but the taste is still worth it. If you’re looking for a mini treat to kick start your day and take along with you, keep a few Minties with you. 


Many countries have their versions of drumsticks. So does Australia! We’ve yet to find someone who doesn’t like ice creams, let alone Drumsticks. The Australians have their own versions of Drumsticks with slight tweaks in flavors, but there’s one thing in common among all versions of Drumsticks – they taste heaven!


You can’t be a fan of savory biscuits if you haven’t got your hands (and taste buds) on Shapes. These super simple yet incredibly delicious crackers make a great addition to your snack pantry. And they come in a range of divine flavors – from Chicken Crumpy to BBQ, Pizza, and Cheddar, Shapes have got your palates covered. So go ahead and try them if you haven’t already!

Australian Sausage Rolls

Up next is the Australian sausage roll – a delectable mix of buttery golden puff pastry with sausage filling seasoned to perfection. It’s pretty similar to the Aussie meat pies but is slightly different in terms of seasonings. You can add in cheese or egg and turn your sausage rolls into a complete meal. If you’re bored of eating the same breakfast, try Australian Sausage Rolls. Just grab one on the go and make your mornings flavorful. 

Tim Tams

It’s impossible to have a list of Australian snacks to enjoy without adding a little bit of chocolate to the list. And Tim Tam is one of the best options out there. This one is so popular that it has made it to other parts of the world as well. No one enjoys a Tim Tam better than an Australian, and this snack will indeed become your favorite too. So just give it a go!

Choosing Your Favorite Snack

Finding a delicious Australian snack is a great way to make sure that you get to enjoy your meals and feast on a mouth-watering snack every once in a while. 

Have these popular Australian snacks revived your childhood memories? Do they remind you of a snack you loved to eat back then? Or have you added a new snack to your palate’s bucket list?  

Let us know in the comments section below!

Till then, Happy Snacking!

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