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What Do Australians Eat?

Australians have a lot of great meal options that show off their culture and taste divine. No matter what type of taste buds you have, you’ll find Australian cuisine heavenly. 

Some Australian foods are unique to Australia, while others are a perfect blend of different cultures in one plate. With bits of research and taste testing, you’ll definitely find something that serves you the best!

With so many options available, it is sometimes hard to figure out the best meals that Australians like to eat. Don’t worry, though; we’ve compiled some typical hearty meals Aussies love to feast. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Aussie Meat Pies

Starting off with something Australians love to eat all the time. The Aussie meat pies! —made with chunky beef filling with lots of vegetables and potatoes in gravy and wrapped up in a buttery golden puff pastry, these little pieces of heaven taste ah-mazing!

Aussie meat pies are best served with some ketchup on top. They are only two to three inches in diameter, but a few of these will make a nice meal, or you can stick with just one to help you have a nice snack during the day. They are also super filling and give you an authentic taste of Australian culture.


Next up on our list is Pavlova – a famous dessert that is common in Australia and will really set your expectations high for the rest of the food they provide! It’s is a light dessert made out of a meringue layered with whipped cream and topped with fruit. You can choose the type of fruit to go on, but this will often be some berry to keep it nice and light. 

Fun fact: 

The dish is named after the Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova, who stayed in the area, and the dessert was made to be as light as the dancer could be in ballet.


Moving on, we present you with a unique type of bread that is made with soda in Australia.

That’s right.

Damper was traditionally made by stockmen when they needed to travel a long journey through areas that were often remote in Australia. Today, it is not used as much in traveling, but it is an essential option for campers and is found in many supermarkets and bread shops. Aussies make it at home as well. Add some butter or jelly or turn it into the bread you use for a sandwich, and you’re good to go.

Anzac biscuits

Anzac biscuits are named so because they were made after the union of two countries, Australia and New Zealand, during World War I. 

These yummy biscuits are made out of sugar, flour, and oats, and while there are a few different flavors available with them, you will often find a slight hint of coconut flavor. You can cook it in several ways to enhance its taste and add a bit of chewiness to the whole dish.

Spag Bol

While this may seem like it has a crazy name to work with, it is actually a simple dish that Australians enjoy when they make supper. Spag Bol is basically an Australian version of spaghetti Bolognese. However, there is a slight difference that helps to give it the native touch that is necessary. The Aussies eat it with some mushrooms and beef instead, but it is a delicious dish to enjoy.

Chicko Roll

Oriental cuisine is an integral part of Australian food. And this one is a similar meal item as the Spring roll. 

Chicko Rolls are made similar to the Spring rolls, with chicken and lots of different vegetables added in. They’re more of Chinese inspirations that are found in Australian food culture as well. You’ll notice that many Aussie families like to make chicken corn soup, and green chicken curry pie is not unheard of for many families looking to add a little of Thail touch into their meals.

Products Made in Australia

Let’s now walk you through some everyday products that are native to Australia and are super yum.

Vegemite: This is made out of spices and yeast extract and can be a spread that is salty and bitter together. Add to steaks, crumpets, and sandwiches for a unique taste.

Lamingtons: This special sponge cake is coated in coconut and chocolate and is a great dessert to have after supper.

Tim Tam: This is a cookie with two layers of biscuit that is then covered up in chocolate. Some variants come with this, including orange and caramel.

Melba toast: This type of sliced bread toast is made on the grill and then served with some jams and pate.

Meat pies: The national food of Australia! Many restaurants will offer your meat pies as a snack to go along with your main course.

These were a few examples of foods Aussies love to feast. We strongly suggest you try some of these if you ever visit Australia and want to taste something unique and purely Australian!

Eating an Australian Meal

When it comes to eating a truly authentic Australian meal, you’ll find a bunch of different options to go with.

Whether you go for something completely traditional and just belongs to the Australian people, or you are interested in getting inspiration from other cultures, you’ll surely make a meal that is amazing each time. 

So make sure to check out some of the Australian meal options above and see how delicious this part of the world can be!

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