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10 Winter Events That Are Perfect for Renting a Food Truck

Renting a food truck

We all love to find reasons to get together and celebrate. Wintertime can bring in the blues for some folks, and the best way to get rid of them is to find things that bring us together in celebration. Food is one thing that can bring joy to everyone.

We all love to eat delicious food, but sometimes the time that it takes to prepare and clean up takes away from our fun time. Having someone who can show up at our gathering to prepare and serve our meals can help keep the party alive for everyone. 

Food trucks are a great way to incorporate yummy food without all of the hassles. You don’t even need a kitchen, because they bring their own! Without the need for a place to cook allows your party to be almost anywhere. We will look at ten winter events that are perfect for renting a food truck.

Winter Wonderland Birthday Parties

Most people who have a winter birthday often wish that theirs were in the summer months. The cold weather can sometimes freeze out the party. But incorporating a food truck into the party can be a great way for people to keep the party going. 

You are not limited to having your party at your house, either. When renting a food truck, you can have the party at a local ice rink, bowling alley, or even a movie theater. 

Family Christmas Gatherings

Christmas can be overwhelming! Buying gifts and wrapping them is a full job just on its own. Then factoring in all the decorating and preparing the house to look festive, makes cooking the last thing on your mind. Hiring a food truck is perfect for allowing yourself a bit of relaxation and the ability to eat scrumptious foods. 

New Years Eve Parties

We all love New Year’s Eve. We look at the end of the old year and put it behind us while celebrating the beginning of something brand new. The New Year is time to celebrate with friends and loved ones and talk about new resolutions for the year ahead. Having a food truck at your New Years’ celebration is a great way to give yourself more freedom to mingle with those you love. 

Baby Showers And Gender Reveal Parties

Baby showers and gender reveal parties are a great way to show new parents love and appreciation. Enjoying the celebration of a new baby should be enjoyed by everyone involved. Playing games and sharing memories with family and friends is a fun part of celebrating the arrival of a new baby. Renting a food truck to cater to you or a loved one’s baby shower allows everyone to enjoy the fun.

The Last Day of School Before Winter Break

The last day of class before winter break should be enjoyed by both students and teachers. Going to school takes a lot of discipline and hard work. School goers of all ages should have a reason to party at the end of the year. Renting a food truck to come to the school and serve the students and teachers as a reward for their hard work is a great way to show appreciation to them.

Winter Light Festivals

Winter is a beautiful time of year. The freshly fallen snow and ice-capped mountains, along with the winter lights are beautiful to look at. Winter light festivals that incorporate tree lighting and Christmas caroling are great events to enjoy with your family. Renting a food truck to serve a hot delicious snack can really make the night magical.

Super Bowl Parties

The winter season is for football. Those who love to watch football love watching the games with friends and family. They also look forward to the end of the football season with a good old super bowl party. Super bowl parties are known for their creative and delicious appetizers and snacks. But what better way to enjoy the party, than to rent a food truck to have them ready and waiting at your beck and call?

The First Snow of The Season

The first snow of the season is the best. You aren’t quite ready for the snow to be over and spring to be near. That first snow just hits a little differently. It’s a time when you break out the gloves and hats and put on your winter gear. The children make snowmen and snow angels, and moms prepare the hot cocoa.

The neighborhood comes together to enjoy the first layer of snow with a compliment or maybe a complaint. What better way to make everyone happy? Rent a food truck for the whole neighborhood to enjoy! Those who hate the snow will enjoy this gesture, and those who love it will enjoy it even more. 

A Wintertime Bonfire

Bonfires on a cold evening are a great way to get your family together. They provide enough heat to keep you outside, and their beautiful presence excites the masses. A wintertime bonfire is a perfect time to rent a food truck. You and your guests can enjoy the warmth of the fire and the taste of something new.

Cookie Parties

Cookie parties are great for both kids and adults. Gathering together to enjoy a variety of sweet treats while enjoying each other’s company can be just what you need when the days get a little bit shorter. After all of those cookies though, you may want something a little more savory. Renting a unique food truck is perfect to hit that hearty craving. 

Aussie Pie Food Truck

If all these winter inspired events have you considering renting a unique food truck, look no further. G’Day Gourmet is an Aussie pie food truck that would love to cater to your winter events. We offer authentic Australian cuisine made with love and experience. We offer a wide variety of Australian meat pies and Australian sausage rolls, with options for vegetarians, too!

Book the G’Day Gourmet food truck today for your next winter event.

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