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Australian Heritage,
Crafted in America

Conquer your cravings with
Australia's National Meal of Choice

Enjoy our delicious Aussie pies at home

Made of farm-fresh fillings and antibiotic-free, grass-fed Aussie meats, our savory heirloom Australian meat pies are perfect for the wellness-minded as well as just-plain-hungry. And they’re easy to prepare!

Customer Reviews

Fantastic pies, killer crust and delicious fillings. Exactly what we needed on a hungry day, even though we had never heard of them before! Now we’re going to have to order frozen ones to ship to us to get more.

Seriously Good

Seriously Good

Douglas D.

First time we came across this food truck and we are hooked already! Tried the lamb pie with the full toppings and omg so delicious, crust was flaky and the lamb is tasty and not gamey at all. We got 2 pies to go and can't wait to try their other flavors.

Will definitely order online!

Will definitely order online!

Iris K.

I cannot believe I have the opportunity to eat something so similar to the gourmet pies I've eaten back home in Australia.The quality of pastry, the amount of filling, the quality and flavour of the fillings mmmmm, PERFECT!



Nattia J.

Steak and ale pies were just excellent. Beef and cheddar were unique and very delicious. both pies had a marvelous crust, both top and bottom. Can't wait to try the sausage rolls!

Highly Recommended!

Highly Recommended!

Marc F.

Great quality, great price, great service -- every single time. We even buy them frozen so we can pop them in the oven later for a meal. How this great little food truck and catering service is not a nationwide phenomenon just boggles the mind.

Absolutely brilliant pies!

Absolutely brilliant pies!

Dhinesh M.

Bringing You a Taste of Down Under! @GDayGourmet

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