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Available directly from our kitchen to your door, G’Day Gourmet’s easy-prep all-natural pies with organic meats feature an all-butter golden pastry crust crafted to rise and crisp perfectly in your oven. The ideal size for kids and adults alike, our family recipe pies have a great shelf life both frozen and defrosted, without the need for unnatural preservatives or artificial ingredients – Mum didn’t use them, so neither do we!

Food Service

Perfect for concessions, Higher education, restaurants, pubs, grab-n-go, and retail segments. G’Day Gourmet meat pies are a succulent, wholesome menu-add, tailored for kitchens looking to generate return customers seeking seconds, thirds and to-go’s. Featuring an ideal hot-holding time of up to 8 hours, our pies are also easy to reheat without loss of quality, flavor or texture. Our pies are Turbo Chef ready.

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