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Christmas can take up a lot of time trying to figure out what to buy for each person. If you are not sure what to buy this year for Christmas for your loved ones, you may want to explore the option of food! Everyone loves food, and each person that you know has a certain food that they crave. Use their favorite snacks as an idea for what to buy. Check out our top 10 unique food gift ideas that are perfect for Christmas.

Australian Meat Pies by G’Day Gourmet

Who is the food critic in your family? You know that person who loves telling you about the exotic places that they have traveled to. and the amazing foods that they have experienced. This person will be blown away with the Australian Meat Pies by G’Day Gourmet.

We offer pre packaged Aussie meat pies that come frozen and delivered right to your door! They have a variety of delicious flavors including their beef, cheddar, and bacon meat pie or the unique steak and stout meat pie! We include vegetarian options such as their spinach and feta pie and, they also have Australian sausage rolls!

Impress your well-traveled family member with this delicious gift of Australian snacks!

Order your Australian Meat Pies online here.

Chest of Chocolates by Harry & David

We all have a friend or family member that loves chocolate! What better gift than a whole chest full of chocolate snacks! At Harry and David, you can buy the chest of chocolates for your family members and be sure that they are happily satisfied! This assortment comes with a variety of chocolates, including Moose Munch, chocolate cake, chocolate malt balls, dark-chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate truffles, and much more!

Crate Of Death by Fuego Box

Who has that friend who carries a bottle of hot sauce with them wherever they go? Help complete their collection with the Crate of Death hot sauce box by Fuego Box. This hot sauce assortment comes with five extremely spicy sauces that will burn so good! With flavors like zombie apocalypse and ghost scream, they will be impressed with this unique food gift.

The 5th Avenue Grand by Gift Tree

Who is the wine lover in your family? If you want to buy them something really fancy, try the 5th Avenue Grand by Gift Tree. This awesome gift assortment comes with 2 bottles of wine including a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Pinot Noir. But that is not all, it also comes with Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds, Seasoned Nuts, Sea Salt Chocolate Dipped Cashews, Olive Oil Crostini, and Pomegranate Crème Truffles! With wine and snacks, they will be excited to receive this delicious gift.

Signature Cookie Tub by Mrs. Fields 

Who doesn’t love a delicious chocolate chip cookie! This gift is perfect for almost everyone. If your family member can’t resist having multiple chocolate chip cookies, then this gift is right for them! The Signature Cookie Tub by Mrs. Fields contains 144 cookies! That is 2 dozen perfectly baked cookies to enjoy. They have flavors such as classic chocolate chip, triple chocolate, cinnamon sugar, and white chocolate macadamia. With all that variety, they may even share.

Top Seller Collection by Jeni’s 

Ice cream is the best, and if you have a family member who agrees they will surely appreciate the Top Seller Collection by Jeni’s. This delectable 5 pack of ice cream pints offers their top-selling ice creams. With flavors like salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks and brown butter almond brittle, you can’t go wrong! This gift will be a hit amongst everyone. Be sure to put any leftovers in the freezer, you won’t want any of this gift to go to waste.

Organic Mixed Fruit Box – 5lbs by Gold Box

Not everyone in our families is such a hearty eater. Some people are more conscious of their health. If you have someone who doesn’t eat all the extras and tries to stay true to nature, the Organic Mixed Fruit Box by Gold Box is a great gift. This box of fruit contains five pounds of seasonally ripe fruit that they will be sure to love. Their winter box is great for the Christmas season and contains fruits such as pears, heirloom apples, a wide variety of citrus fruits, giant avocados, and even passion fruit or cherimoyas. 

Popcorn & Movie Gift Box by Giften Market

We all love to binge-watch our favorite shows and know someone else who does too. So why not buy the perfect binge-worthy snack box for them! The popcorn & movie gift box by Giften Market is the greatest on the market. You can watch your movies just like in a theater, with a big tub of popcorn! This boxed set of popcorn has ten varieties of popcorn and various toppings such as Cheddar Cheese Deluxe Popcorn Seasoning and Sour Cream & Onion Deluxe Popcorn Seasoning. It even comes with a special silicone microwave popping bowl to make each yummy kernel in the microwave. No stove needed!

The Brotherhood Pack by The Cheese Bros

Who would you buy this cheesy gift for? The Brotherhood pack by the Cheese Bros is an 8 pack of deliciousness. It contains 6-ounce blocks of pure Wisconsin cheese. They offer flavors including honey sriracha gouda, delicious fratello, dill havarti, smoked gouda, el diablo scorpion pepper gouda, 3 amigos spicy gouda, mango habanero gouda, and smoked mozzarella! These unique flavors of cheese will surely impress whoever you buy it for.

Sour Cherry Cola Bottles by Giften Market

Who is the candy lover in your family? We all have one, and we all know that they would love something sugary and delicious for Christmas. Try buying them the Sour Cherry Cola Bottles by Giften Market! These candies are a best seller and for a good reason. They are coated in fizzy sugar that leaves your mouth watering. They are the perfect blend of sweet and sour, and at such a good price you can buy 2!

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